Year 11 GCSE student, London, UK.

"I cannot recommend Caterina highly enough. She is knowledgable and patient and explains things in an easy to understand way. Her methods gave me so much confidence and I really began to enjoy English. My grades improved by two grades and I could never have done this without Caterina. "

Founder and Director of Inspired Learning, a learning centre in Montreal, Canada

"Caterina is one of the brightest English tutors I know. She is able to take big ideas, and help students of all ages express them clearly. She helped us build a writing program for teenagers that was highly successful. Any student that gets to work with her will be very lucky."


Mature student completing her BA in Education at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

"I reached out to Caterina for help with my academic writing skills. I had difficulty getting my thoughts down on paper and linking my evidence to my argument. Caterina is very professional and non-judgemental when editing my work. When speaking with her about my ideas for my essays, Caterina listens openly and is honest with her feedback. She has taught me how to explain my thesis, has edited my work to ensure my topics are clear, and has helped me focus my research. Since working with Caterina, I am more confident when writing academically, and have received an increase in positive feedback from my professors."


Professional musician and student, completing her BA in Psychology at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

"Caterina has helped me with many different types of writing, from music grants to research essays. She's a chameleon! When I was completing my undergrad thesis, Caterina really helped me with proofreading and editing. Her comments and edits were clear and effective. Working with her has brought my writing skills to another level!"